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Thank you:

a massive thank you to Nick Renders for helping me create this new and future proof version of!

How does the site work:

With the new site I am taking it back to basics: to provide the most complete Soulwax / 2MANYDJS discography on the web. Just click on the categories to see all Soulwax releases, 2MANYDJS remixes, Dewaele productions and other projects. By clicking on the tracklist you will see the lyrics, a youtube video, some additional information and links to buy the track online (if available). In the remixes section you can click on any Soulwax remix for the youtube link.


I have spend over ten years collecting Soulwax releases and loved to scan all the images and collect all information to make the most complete Soulwax discography website. So enjoy everything you can find here, but please don't copy or rip my content to use on other websites. Thank you.

My story:

In 2009 I celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the website. The lovely people on the forum asked me to write down how it all started, so you can read it HERE

Kevin Moens - June 2011