Deewee 014: Bolis Popul - Moon / Sun Theme
Year: 2016
Catalogue Nr: DEEWEE 014
Format: 12"

Distributor Word And Sound have listed DEEWEE 014 on their website: Bolis Popul.

From the Word And Sound website: 'We met Bolis in 2006 via MySpace, and then later in real life when we toured Asia. To escape the unbearable boredom of his native Macao, Bolis had decided to try his hand at making electronic music - inspired by a Jean-Michel Jarre concert - and we have stayed in touch all these years. This record is the result of Bolis' visit to DEEWEE in Gent where he was enchanted by the world of analogue synths. We should also mention that Bolis had a previous life as South East Asia's number 2 Rubik's Cube champion in 2003. Think Logic System and Telex.'
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