Pin Ups
Year: 2011
  1. PIN UPS

We sometimes buy records just for their covers...this is particularly true of our extensive collection of records with sexy ladies on. We've chosen 850 of these, starting with a visual collage of lovely legs, luscious lips, etc. & then making the music fit afterwards. This is in essence a reverse way of working, and god knows it was a huge challenge to find enough good musical bits to work with and cut up, but it definitely makes for an interesting show that can be enjoyed in many different ways! Make sure not to listen to the mix without the visuals and try to see the connections we made, that is, if you have the (eye)balls to watch this one all the way through!

Concept: Soulwax & Fergadelic

Offline edit : Soulwax

Online edit : Kurt Augustyns

Additional editing : Bill Porter, Glyn Peppiatt and Paul Chambers
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