A couple of years before James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem would claim that Daft Punk was playing at his house, I could honestly say that Soulwax played at my house. Cause they did! And it happened on August 15, 2000.

About a year earlier I got to know Dave and Steph, because Joyce and I went to see them play several times in Belgium and The Netherlands. They just started to get some attention as The Flying Dewaele Brothers and there were plenty of parties in the summer of 1999 where we went and danced to their dj sets. It was the early days of the internet so with the limited technical knowledge I had, I built a website dedicated to The Flying Dewaele Brothers.

I started collecting every release by Soulwax, 2 Many DJ's and their other projects and my website Soulwax.info became the online archive for Soulwax fans.

It was the beginning of an amazing adventure, meeting fans from all over the world at the many Soulwax gigs and 2 Many DJ's gigs I attended.